Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sick Note (Day 2)

Yes, you have got looks like I am getting laryngitis, or as the picture shows, a little horse!

I thought I was beginning to feel better and then as the evening has gone on my voice has got worse and strained. I am beginning to feel really fed up as my training mileage is really going to get hit hard if I cannot shake this infection quickly.


  1. Looking at your training Jerry, you have done 5 weeks in a row at 50+ miles a week. I do 3 weeks then 1 easy, so maybe you have just worn yourself out a bit and in my opinion this rest (which i know you will find frustrating) could be a real blessing to help you come back rested, strong and raring to go again.
    Only my opinion, but then again i know very little about not much! mr immune

  2. Thanks David, you are talking absolute sense, the annoying thing was that on my cycle down week, I did run a short Sunday run but went out for an extra midweek run...because I could and very bad discipline
    I am chanting at the bit and just need some TLC.