Monday, 7 June 2010

Training failure

The day after the week before...or how I feel a failure.

I awoke this morning feeling really, really tired; a physical tiredness that I haven't felt for a long time almost washed out, was this the time to call in a sicky. I dragged myself from my bed and instantly felt as though I had no energy and listless.

I have felt tired all day, my legs have felt weak, I have eaten like a horse and have just awoken after a 90 minute snooze on the sofa!

I have a feeling that a combination of a recent increase in mileage, not eating sufficiently ( calories in versus calories out) and then running a back to back at the weekend has payed a real toll on my body... a train crash.

I reckon I need some TLC ....running is stupid


  1. Why don't you go for a recovery run!!!!!
    Mr Immune

  2. The way I feel tonight it would have been more of the same. I will more than likely go for ~10 miles on Tuesday night. Wednesday I am out teaching and so back to more of the same after that...I'll see how it goes.