Sunday, 25 July 2010

Does it give you wings?

So I did the maths as I was wondering why I was feeling a little tired and to tell you the truth not really wanting to go for a run. It then dawned on me that , after my run today and in the last 8 days I had run 77.17 miles or just over 124 kilometres!

This is a ridiculous mileage and one I never thought I would be telling people about in such a matter of fact way. This was the reason I took a bottle of Red Bull Energy Shot with me today as an experiment to see if drinking a bottle would have any effect and was rather amazed, if not perturbed, by the result.

About 3 miles from home I felt a little drained and so took a glug of the Energy Shot and continued on, the caffeine soon hit my blood stream and it was obvious to me at that point it was disguising the perception of effort as I knew the trails very well here and I am normally huffing and puffing in certain sections and was now cruising up pretty impressive my legs had new wings but....for only 2 miles when the effect wore off and I began to slow again.

So it sounds good, I can see why now you see competitors glugging cans of the stuff at races (is this legal cheating?) and then you read the label:

Recommended daily consumption 1 bottle. Do not exceed the daily recommended consumption
Playing with fire in my opinion


  1. This stuff is the ruination of runners all over the country. Legal it may be in the UK, but it is banned to under 18s in France and Germany. Jezza, it is great to experiment but not on the Ridgeway fella!

  2. No worries, I have come to the conclusion that it is dangerous stuff full stop.

    All it is doing is masking the perception of effort NOT providing energy, I used the analogy of the film Bladerunner "The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long' and you burned very, very brightly Roy"