Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Heard the one about a pig?

I have, I am that pig in a trough!!!

Today I have eaten absolutely LOADS, I was even seen to tuck into a bowl of cereal before I left for work and then a hot cross bun from the shop at the station and then two bananas at 11.00 am.

Good lunch with a fruit salad for afters and an enormous oven baked potato with tuna for tea.

Let's just not mention the snacks I had in between though ;-)


  1. Any estimate on the calorie count?

  2. Hi Faraz
    Difficult one to say but I have just chucked a few calculations together and it is surprisingly lower than I thought and is between 2600 - 3000 calories. It was quite a lot of carbohydrate and fruit.

    It was obviously a reaction to my long run on Sunday