Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hung like a horse...

I was out on a run on Sunday when I had reason to run through some hip-high ferns and as I brushed past them I got a really sharp pain in my left thigh. It was more more than a normal nettle sting and stung like Hell, I pulled up and saw a small red hole in my leg that soon swelled up. I carried on but soon found that the swelling was now about 3-4 inches in diameter and made my thigh quite stiff.

At home I sprayed a load on anti-histamine on it and let the swelling go away.
Same thing yesterday at the local park during speed training we had to run through tall grass and ferns to yet again get stung/bitten this time just above the knee, this time the swelling was horrible as it spread across my knee and quad.

Both the areas where the "attacks" took place near horse fields and bridal ways so it looks like this year is a year for horseflies and it looks like this runner has a reaction to them which has never come apparent in past years.

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