Thursday, 8 July 2010

I cried tonight

I got home from work tonight to find my wife talking to a colleague from her work that had popped around for a cup of tea. It appears that this lady was a midwife (as was my wife) at the local hospital and had worked there for about 20 years.

The midwife (Irene) who assisted my Mother having me also worked there and came in to observe my wife have our first child. It was also nice to know that at my birth she met my Father's cousin and they later married.

Throughout my life Irene and I contacted each other sporadically and I had a great warmth for her as my childhood memories of her and her family were always one of laughter and fun. In recent years we had lost contact but was shocked to hear from my wife's colleague that Irene had passed away recently after she fell down some stairs.

On my run tonight I found myself crying, tears rolled silently down my face as I ran. Tears of sadness for a lovely lady whom I wish I had known just a little bit better.

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  1. Hi Jezza, Sorry to hear of your loss. I truly understand your feelings of sadness but the important thing to remember here is that you did know her.

    You were a part of the fabric of her life as she was of yours. Maybe you could have known her a little better but you knew her better than most. In addition your birth gave new direction and meaning to her life when she met your father's cousin and married.

    For all the time I have known you I have found that you are very good at getting to know people and making them feel welcomed as a member of what ever group you are involved with. I am sure she felt the same about you and that you held a warm place in her heart.

    Your friend,