Saturday, 31 July 2010

Idiot ahead

I was out on my last long run before I go away and was in the last mile of a lonely 19 mile run approaching the local pub. Without warning, from behind a car a man in late twenties jumped up and did a loud roar, I leapt out of my skin but carried on thinking that was it but the [drunken] idiot carried on running after me still roaring, arms in the air.

I stopped, turned around to face him side on and told him "to go forth and multiply"...I still can't work out what was going on but he stopped as well and so I began to turn to run on when he started towards me. again Without thinking I stepped up to him grabbed his shirt front and raised my fist. This got his attention.... "OK OK mate I was joking" I reminded thim hat he was indeed not funny and I was not amused, let him go and ran off towards home, he did not follow and as I retreated I could hear his mates admonishing him in no uncertain terms.

I am still surprised by my reaction!

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