Saturday, 24 July 2010

It won't hurt you mate!

This is one of the sayings that really, really annoys me when uttered by a dog owner walking its charge in a country lane. These creatures are indeed hazards as they are unpredictable and intimidate.

Take this evening, I was running down a country footpath when I approached a small settlement of houses when I heard the tell tale "yap yap" of a terrier and the full on gruff bark of a Rotweiller, this mountain of mobile canine meat was fast approaching me as I ran past and it bounded down its garden path, the only thing between me and it was a 2 foot railing fence that it could have leapt with a single bound. Standing at the back door was (I assume) the idiotic owner laughing at my reaction, all I could think of was:

  1. Where am I if it did attack me? (I didn't know)
  2. Can I get my mobile phone? ( Possibly)
  3. What if this mountain of meat actually jumped over the fence? (No chance)
What was really annoying was the fact that I was doing an out and back and I had to come by again and the only problem I had to deal with was THE OWNER.

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