Monday, 26 July 2010

It's a conspiracy

I am sure it is, for that I am sure Dear Reader. What is it now I hear you mumble under your breath?

On Friday evening I ran to my local camping shop and got there at 7.50 pm some 10 minutes before their supposed shutting time to get my Ridgeway map and was told that they had closed up the tills and would not serve me and was turned out of the door.

Whilst at the shops on Saturday I went to three map emporiums to be told they did not have it in stock...was I ever going to get this frigging map?

So I turned to the interweb and onto a well known site named (I assume) after a nation of women warriors from Scythia to see they had a load in stock to which I bought one. So I went to bed happy in the knowledge that my new Ridgeway map would be on my doorstep on Monday or Tuesday.

Alas no, I was awoken by the telephone on Sunday morning and on picking it up was met by recorded voice stating my name and that they were calling from Santander Fraud department. Continuing the one-sided conversation I pressed loads of buttons, listened to my previous 4 transactions (One being the map transaction) and confirmed all was OK.

NOW will I get my map? At least I hoped that was the case as the confirmation email was sent through.

All day today I was looking forward to the idea of getting home to find my map on the doorstep which would allow me the opportunity to start planning for real. I got home, rushed through t he door to find a letter from the Royal Mail

Unfortunately we can't deliver your item because there's a fee to pay

Grrrrr now I have to get up early tomorrow and collect the map from the post office and pay extra plus a "handling fee" of £1.15. Let's hope nothing else goes wrong tomorrow

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