Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I am feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment especially after my run tonight.

My mileage for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday calculates to ~38 miles an average of about 13 miles a day. In previous months I would be resting today but there are big numbers to run in the next few weeks and I can't come off the burner quite yet. Tonight's planned run was supposed to be a steady 10km road run, no pressure and to be enjoyed. However I soon found myself kicking up a gear and attacking the hills in a progressive one point I had to jump into a wooded area as I had a tummy gripe, did my business and continued. Even with this unscheduled stop I managed 47:20!

So the training is beginning to work, my "last 7 day" averaging is back on 60 miles and when I need to I can kick out a <7:40 min/mile consistently.

Halcyon days.

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