Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Surprise delivery

So the Ridgeway Map saga continues!

I rose from my bed about an hour earlier than usual today so that I could get to the Royal Mail Office before I left for work , the idea of getting that map in my sweaty hands was quite exciting.

Jumping into the car I parked up at the office gave my card in and the gentleman handed me a very thick A4 envelope, I paid my £1.15 excess charge and ran to the car to open the parcel....

I was beside myself, all that was in the envelope were four applications and race details of the Norfolk Ultra that I mentioned recently..if I do enter I am going to ask for my £1.15 back, bloody infuriating if you ask me.

I went to work miserable, all I wanted is my map. So what became of the pesky thing? As expected it arrived in a nice cardboard envelope that morning and after my run this evening I have had a lovely time reviewing the is going to be a toughy

1 comment:

  1. Hi there, I've got this map - pretty good too.
    A friend and I have used it for a couple of training sections along the Ridgeway route.