Friday, 30 July 2010

Tennis Ball

I have calculated that in the past 12 days I have foot travelled 106.6 miles (an average of ~9 miles a day) which is going some but I have been battling an injury/niggle to my left buttock muscle which has been very uncomfortable on trail hills and in doing so reduced my output. This all caused by my stumble at the 50 Mile Challenge.

I have tried to massage it, stretched it and had hot baths to try and relax it to no avail (No I can't afford a sport physio dear reader)

On my desk at work I have 3 tennis balls which I juggle with when faced with a coding conundrum ( Google
"Juggle three of these and call me in the morning") but today I was having a bit of a problem with my back side and decided to sit.....yes sit on one of them, specifically putting it under my left cheek and move about over it. The pressure was intense but suddenly I found a particularly "lumpy" area and honed the ball in on that area... amazingly it smoothed out. Suddenly after a week of niggle in the butt I found it had loosened. All hail the tennis ball.

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