Friday, 2 July 2010

Trail Poo

OK, OK not the best tea time subject and I promise you I will not go into details but this is about what Mrs S actually said to me when I told her!

I was out on my run tonight in a very popular dog walking area, an area where you are never quite sure who is around the next corner. I had chosen the wrong time to have a tummy cramp as most dog walkers are out and I was too far away from home to comfortably run without an "accident". So I planned to do "my business" halfway along a trail which is about 400 yards long and would give me enough warning either I did my business and continued home.

I got home and told Mrs S that I had had a "tummy upset" along the way and quite innocently and sweetly she said "Ooohh Jerry where did you wash your hands?"

There are times that I realise there is no response to some questions :-)


  1. Jerry

    I had one of these last night during a club run and had to let the rest of them go on without me so I could disappear behind a tree to sort myself out. Not very pleasant but I felt so much better after. Still managed to get 7.5 miles done


  2. Tee Hee, I read Facebook last night and I guessed that was what slowed you down ;-)