Tuesday, 17 August 2010


What a brilliant sight tonight as 119 runners turned up at the club HQ and then after a short briefing strolled/jogged to the start line for an inter-club Mob run. We assembled in a, well, Mob causing the local traffic to scratch it's head as to what was going on and then we ran off on a 4 mile preset course through roads and woodland.

I started off really well and was in the top 20 runners and would normally stay roughly in that group until the end but I simply blew up....BOOM at mile 2, it was quite an amazing crash with my heart rate and breathing going off the charts. I was left to walk for a little as I saw people run past me which egged me on to run some more, then walk and then run.

I planned to get a sub-30 minute run in and amazingly without realizing it I ran a 29:58 run coming in at a disappointing 45th. I should be hard on myself, afterall, I had done a lot of travelling in the last 30 hours and feeling overtly jetlagged.

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