Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Don't Panic

Oh My God! It is now really settling in that I only have 19 days to go before Ridgeway and tapering should begin now.

I have heard through the grapevine that some of the other runners are now doing 100 mile weeks, mileage and time I can ill afford...in fact I don't want to do and have been concentrating on getting 60 - 65 mile weeks in, enough for this 45 year old.

I have been eating crap food all week in Canada, large helpings (which I have left to one side), it all seems to be all fat and no (proper) carbs and what makes it worse is I am miles away from shops to buy extras.

Today's 20 miler, although quality mileage, was really hard work as I had to do it without extra foods or gels. The storm didn't help and whilst you may say "Good Work Jezza" it was really bad for my confidence. I just hope my mileage build up and base work is going to get me through Ridgeway as I just feel I am going to let David, Rob and Helen down.


  1. 100 miles nutters!
    I've hit nowhere near that per/week in my prep.
    Wonder if I should be worried?

  2. Some say it is the quality of miles not the quantity.
    Tapering can be harder than training especially when there is yummy but crappy food around. :)

  3. Defo agree that quality of miles done and consistency is the key. Jerry - Don't worry, you are a tough cookie and are usually the 'strong one' of the group in my mind. Just because someone has done a 100mile week (me, just to see if i could), doesn't mean anything apart from they've managed to run 100miles in a week. David