Friday, 27 August 2010

Good Advice

I was given a piece of advice today and I thought it was excellent....then I read it again and realised it was the exact advice I gave Tom Meldrum just before he ran his first ultra in January 2009 (Thames Path 50 mile) word for word.

"Try to remember that when you reach the dark points in the race there are friends, family and colleagues who will be thinking of you, focus on the task at hand, drink often, eat well and if you start to feel the legs screaming at you get some glucose in you. What will get you through is shear pig-headedness, grit and the thought of a lovely cup of tea at the end. Make sure you talk and encourage your fellow runners, they'll be hurting too and they will reciprocate, use your check points to your advantage, don't think you have to pass them by quickly. Use them to check your laces, fill your bottles have a joke with the staff, clear your mind of what you have done and focus on what you have to do. Most of all, ENJOY yourself."

Dare I say it myself, it stands very true

1 comment:

  1. Lovely advice. I've kept that.
    See you tomorrow dude!