Thursday, 19 August 2010


You know the problem Dear Reader, you know the one when your other half switches off to your conversations about the Noble Art.

Mrs S got wind of my general chatting about the Ridgeway and the training but basically told me to be quiet when I mentioned it . Now she cannot ignore it as the dining room fills up with my race box, bottles of Lucozade, shirts are washed and maps collect in it and I grumble about my shoes.

I just got back from Sainsbury's tonight with fresh stocks of Lucozade when she said "What are you planning now?" So I mentioned that Ridgeway was next is the conversation

Mrs S: "When?"
Me: "Saturday week"
Mrs S: "How far?"
Me: "85 miles"
Mrs S: "You're mad"
Me: "Yes"
Mrs S: "You didn't tell me!"
Me: "I did"
Mrs S: "Oh"

Then she did her best Mr Spock impersonation, eyebrow and all and that was the end of the conversation!

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