Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is it decadence?

copyright image
I was wandering around this evening when I really noticed that my legs were tired and felt really knotty and rippled. They are basically tired legs that have been training almost continually for over a year then the thought came to me "When I get home next week should I book myself in for a sports massage?"

I know it is total decadence and expensive but won't it be nice to have lovely loose, non-ripply and tight muscles?

After all pay day is on Friday and I get back on Tuesday...when should I break this to Mrs S....I'll wait :-)


  1. Emmm... this is my copyrighted image - a credit would have been nice:

    1. My apologies Mark, I was unaware having grabbed it off Google Images at some site, I will certainly add the link at the bottom of the post.