Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Missed the Bus

The plan was to go to the club tonight and then have a nice little run with the guys...but then I hadn't thought it through properly...it was GCSE results day (For my readers in the USA these are the BIG exams for 16 years olds) and I had found my daughter had passed 13 of her exams with A and B grades so tonight was a night to celebrate and my run was put on hold.

One very LARGE Indian meal later we got in the car and drove towards home...then I saw them, my running group cross in front of us in the road, Duncan, James, Emma, Andrew and a few others who I couldn't identify, my bottom lip juttered out and I went on to point Duncan in his VFF's slapping along happily at the front to the amazement of my girls.

We then turned towards home and then saw a group of 15 or so runners, Philip, John, Paul to name just a few...I couldn't shout out and give a cheery wave but secretly I soooo wanted to go for my final taper run tonight....but hey, what a result 13 passes...

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