Thursday, 19 August 2010


...or more crudely a Pain In The Arse and that has been my problem for a few weeks since the 50 Mile Challenge.

At the challenge I dropped out at 32.75 miles after problems with heat and the trip hurting me badly. Since then I have run about 200 miles and each run I have ended in pain down my left buttock extending to my thigh and hamstring area, not pleasant.

During my Canada trip this became increasingly worse and noticeable when sitting in a car seat or in an airplane, something I did a lot of during my 2 week stay so I made an appointment to see Mike a trained sports physio to get me sorted out before next week.

Within minutes Mike had diagnosed me with Piriformis Syndrome, a contraction of the piriformis muscle putting pressure on my sciatic nerve causing secondary pain. A push here, a yank there and then a horrific stretch and the the pain seemed to melt away. I was then told of some exercises and was sent on my way.

I am sure he practises witchcraft!

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  1. That Mike guy, any chance he would like to move to San Francisco Bay Area? We need more witchcraft here.