Wednesday, 25 August 2010


The dining room table is slowly filling up with my kit, too much to list but it contains all my favourites, banana milkshake, syrup cake, biscuits, chew bars, pretzels, raisins and much more.

My kit is freshly laundered and every time I go to the cupboard I find yet another thing to pack, this time my waterproof top and then for some reason my bottles were forgotten so they have been added to the pile. I don't know why I am panicking as this is the usual kit I take but the quantities are just more.

It is Wednesday night and I am going for an early night with the final kit lay out on Thursday evening to ensure I have everything I need. I hate the days tht lead up to a race, there is no running, eating, drinking and that horrible sluggish feeling that you get from carb-loading but it is getting close now and I slowly beginning to get excited as the discussions move away from training to logistics.


  1. Wait... two days before and you're getting your kit ready? What do you do about a last minute rush and panic then?

    Food might be a good idea. Was planning on getting a pizza delivery along the way but guess the reception may not be that good. ;)

  2. OMG...the headless chicken, I haven't packed the headless chicken AAAAHHHHHHH