Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tennis Ball (part deux)

...Ever since I got off the plane 10 days ago the pain in my left buttock has been quite uncomfortable if I sit on a sofa or car seat for a long time. This is pay back for my stumble at the 50 mile challenge.

I popped into a hardware store in some back and beyond town today and was really pleased to see a 3 pack of tennis balls for $1.49. I jumped back into the car, ripped the packet open and put one under my left cheek immediately. Within a mile I could feel that it had really pushed a knot out and things had loosened up a bit. So as I sit here writing to you all I am sitting on one now but, boy, does it hurt in certain places.

The weather is just too hot to run (if not unsafe) at the moment so I will probably just pop into the pool for an hour and run later :-)

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