Saturday, 25 September 2010

A.I.M. 12 hour Ultra 2011

Yes dear readers, after much deliberation I can announce that I have entered the A.I.M 12 hour ultramarathon on 2nd April 2011. As usual it will be based at the K2 Sports Centre in Crawley, West Sussex starting at 7.00am.

In a strange way I am quite excited that I have done it but also a little perturbed when my daughter looked in absolute dismay at me entering it, she told me I looked half-dead the day after!

A new training regime will implemented for this one as I now know my failings were in the 2010 run and I will see to work on my weaknesses. More to come as I still have challenges for the 2010 season to deal with first.


  1. A 6 or 12 hours is best thought as:

    Race = Sum of all its parts

    You cannot focus on the whole event time just little chunks. "How long?", "How far?" "13 in 2 hours, let's do that again"

    I set little targets of when I did 26.2 miles, or a PB distance, or how long it would take to overtake someone.

    Preparation is of paramount importance, I made a point of always running 12 miles alone on a track at a set pace, never racing just constant pace. I then associated a running track as a peaceful place and not a place to race but to run.

    People think I am mad to do them but they really are fun in a strange kind of way.

  2. I inadvertently deleted Ewa's comment. The above comment was in response to Ewa saying:

    "Good luck with your training. I have never attempted anything like it but I can imagine 12hr run will take as much physical as mental preparation."

    Sorry Ewa