Thursday, 9 September 2010

Back on the Road

Had the great opportunity of meeting up with George tonight for a run. I wanted to go for about an hour but we were so engrossed in conversation that we soon found that we had run approximately 11 miles!

I feel really happy that I am now back from my post-Ridgeway break but am sorely aware that I have a few more days of recovery to go through before I really hit the mileage again.

An interesting aspect of my recovery was I felt really lethargic and achy all day and when I set this evening was out of breath quite quickly. Once I had met up with George though I found that I had warmed up sufficiently to feel the strength in my legs and found myself running consistently, smoothly but slower than normal.

Who cares, Jezza Bear is back and is looking forward to hitting out the mileage as of next week .

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