Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Die Another Day

I am just watching a classic James Bond film, Die Another Day, and was quite amused to remember that the famous hovercraft chase scene at the beginning was in fact filmed at the Army Driving Training Area, Aldershot, UK

I started running again in April 2007 and had committed myself to run in the GRIM Challenge in the December an 8 mile run through the rutted and muddy roads of the training area mentioned above where the movie was filmed. I look back at that run and realise how far I have come since then in all areas of the sport but still remember how hard it was to train for that initial 8 mile run.

I joke now by saying that the GRIM Challenge was a great way of ruining a perfectly good pair of running shoes, I still think it is but it was a fun race, where else can you have a mud fight and still run your little legs off :-)

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