Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hare today...

...but not gone tomorrow.

I had a great time tonight at the running club who were holding the monthly 5km time trial. I don't particularly like racing at these events as I am normally just recovering from a Sunday long run and always seem to have wrecked legs for the rest of the week afterwards which eats into my plans.

However I do like to help out and this week I was given the job of hare....what is that I hear you say dear reader?

The club uses a handicap system describes in the table below:

Time Handicap (mins)
30 0
27 3
24 6
21 9
18 12

The job of the hare is to start off with the group who want to run a 30 minute 5km and I pace myself at 10 min/miles every 3 minutes a new set of runners take off. This makes for a very competitive last 1/2 mile as all the runners catch up with each other and start to race.

At about mile 2 we passed the counters and I was told "You are supposed to be at the front" I had just been passed by a front runner (who was clearly in the wrong handicap) so chose to catch him (or hare him down) much to my amazement I have just calculated that I ran a sub 7 min/mile that with a back pack and up a hill.

What made the evning better was the people I paced came in under their own steam getting 30:04 and 30:07 which were PB's for themselves to which they seemed reaaly pleased. I loved to see their reaction and congrats to them

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