Monday, 27 September 2010

Heart rate

Something that I am very aware of at the moment is inability to run up hills consistently and was very noticeable yesterday during my 17 mile run around the North Downs.

My heart rate on these runs is fine, in fact as I sit here typing this I have my Garmin HRM on and it is cycling between 45 and 50 beats per minute, a tad low if you ask me. However, when I ran yesterday I was running quite happily along a section of the North Downs Way with two other runners when I came to this gradual incline of about a kilometre long when I just gave up and walked!

My theory is that I have been running quite a few long distance races recently and have got into a mindset that hills are for walking so mentally begin to walk when I see one. I was trying to blame it on my heart rate but the evidence suggests it is not that. So I am going to get out there and start some midweek hill reps to get the blood apumping and to burn off this tummy of mine.

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