Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hot and Cold

Once back from my aborted (but successful) run tonight I went straight to the freezer pulled out some ice cubes, wetted a tea towel and then iced my bruised toe tendon for about 20 minutes. Once the swelling was reduced I went for a lovely hot soapy suddy bath and gave my foot a soaking and once out put a hot water bottle on it and now I have ice on it.

I will tape it up tomorrow to protect it and then see how it goes.

Hot and Cold does seem to work


  1. Glad to see you back into the swing of things Jerry. I think the residual fitness from Ridgeway is defo having a good effect, i ran an 8mile road race on Sunday and came 35th in 55.51 (6.59pace), way better than i had thought possible given my lack of any real training since Ridgeway. I would suggest you have a crack at a couple of your shorter PB's once the toe is a bit better. I am doing the Greensand Mara on 17th Oct if you fancy it? Mr Immune

  2. Mr Immune, you are totally right about the speed part. I am going to have a go at a few park runs and see if I can eat into my old 5km times.

    Looking at your pace these days you are in a different league to me and could possibly get a sub-60 minute 8 mile but only if it was on road and cool.

    Wow Greensands hadn't even come on my radar for this year, it is a brilliant run, I just LOVE Leith Hill and the surrounding trails, Dr Rob always puts on a brilliant race...just be ready to sing the National Anthem at the start and don't eat the haribo sweets, I choked! I'll have a chat with Mrs S and get back to you.