Thursday, 30 September 2010

Man Flu

I suppose I have had it coming after 9 months of heavy training and have finally succumbed to another bout of man flu. The whole family has come down with it and it was becoming obvious that I was coming down with it on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On my 5 km run to the running club on Tuesday people mentioned that I was absolutely dripping in sweat. Similarly last night when I ran up the escalators at Charing Cross tube and then up 4 flights of steps to the platforms left me in a sweaty heap on the train.

I had all the intentions of doing about 10 - 12 miles tonight but realised as the afternoon went on the man flu was winning the battle of intention versus ability. So yet another week of low mileage but I may as well rest up as I have a 22 mile pack run on Sunday!

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