Monday, 27 September 2010


It has taken a little longer than I first thought but I have a feeling my pre-Ridgeway fitness is returning, the niggles are reducing and I can run with confidence (if a little slower than I want). The only problem I feel I have is hills, I just can't take hills at the moment so will have to work at a little bit of strength work and definitely some cardiovascular training. So it looks like hill training is required.

Today's run at Westerham was fantastic just to say I was back out on the North Downs and looking forward to some of the same next weekend whenI take part in a 22 mile pack run taking us over some tasty hills and by-ways, can't wait


  1. You should have popped by. Would have been good to see you

  2. Hi Lil' Sis, somehow the idea of having 8 sweaty and muddy runners turning up unannounced at your door may have caused you to think differently. :-)

    I will be running the Roman road again very soon so will try and get a cup of tea in if it is not too early.