Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The toe saga continues

With great trepidation I stepped out of the house for the 3 mile run to my running club rendezvous and as soon as I started to run I realised that the recent rest had done me some good. What was supposed to be a warm up run turned almost immediately into a tempo run as I found myself taking on the local hill with a real spring in my step...things were feeling good.

I then turned off the main road towards the local park which has a good up hill cut through to see two runners ahead of me. Quickly putting on my headtorch (it is tree lined and dusk) I soon found myself chasing them down and see them step aside as I thundered through. I have a feeling they thought I was a bike with the torch but once they realised there was a good natured race to the end of the path and I waved good bye.

Once out with my choice of running group I found myself at the front setting a comfortable 8.30 - 8.40 pace and was 7 miles into evening mileage when I started to feel my big toe really giving me pain, so I pulled up, simple as that, said goodbye and jogged the remaining 1/2 mile home.

So the foot hurts but, boy and I feeling physically fit.

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