Friday, 24 September 2010


At last I have I have decided on my post New Year run, the Thames Trot on 5th February 2010

I nice little number with a 50 mile run from Iffley to Henley along the Thames Path....problem is it stinks of FLAT, so training on the flat is the order of the day more to follow :-)


  1. Couldn't help thinking why you would train on the flat just because the race is flat!? Hill training works wonders for all types terrain. So come race day the flat will seem SO easy after all the hills!

  2. Hi Stu, the reason I am getting some flat ADDITION to my usual trail and hill training is that I have had difficulties in the past when the repetitive stride and the lack of variation of my gait remained the same.

    I am about to enter the Crawley 12 hour and that is when getting "flat" training comes into its own. I am a fully signed up member of hills and downs :-)