Sunday, 31 October 2010

Back on the Trail

With the clocks going back this morning it didn't feel so bad to get up at 6.00 am and don my running kit ready for a good old trail run. As usual of late it appears the god of running is totally against me as I have developed a chesty cough and blocked nose so imagine my feelings as I stepped to the car and the drizzle had started to fall. I had dosed myself up with Lemsip and cough mixture in preparation for this run

On starting the run we spent the first 5-6 miles doing a recce of the Night Run course which allowed us to get the map out to hone our skills again to get around certain aspects of the trails that we had not travelled through before and make note of some compass bearings as they would not be easy to navigate at night without line of sight. After that we then moved off for an ad hoc run on paths we already knew which proved to be a brilliant, muddy and wet making us slip and slide all over the place. The autumn colours were fantastic today with half of Kent covered in deep orange, scarlet reds and sunny yellow....brilliant.

So today was a really useful, forfilling run that got me out of my malaise and got me out in the mud once more.

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