Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The C word

Some of my readers will have noticed that my posts have been a bit down beat of late, some have even commented in person that they have been reading between the lines and concluded that I was considering giving up the "long stuff".

Of late I have been trying hard to vary my training runs by doing some off road, night runs and speed work but what has been seriously lacking is my weekly long run of circa 20 miles. This has primarily been due to me recovering from the Ridgeway and then realising that I had simply got out of the habit.......and the dreaded word lacking confidence in my own ability

Sunday's run was like a blast from the past as I finally got to run with George, the ever patient George who has to listen to me rabbiting on and on and on.

The whole purpose of Sunday's run was to get out and do 15 miles of downland trail at a steady, consistent pace and to finish the run feeling good. Boy did I feel good at the end, George's comments that we needed to get the "Old Jerry Back" did not go unheeded as we took on the upper section on Hogtrough Hill, stopped at the top to catch my breath and continue on.

I have had a few hours to ponder and this morning realised that that run has done wonders for my confidence... Watch it guys, Jezza is back in town (Thanks George)


  1. Glad to hear you are getting your mojo back.