Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cape Town

I started my running adventures in April 2007 and since that time I have run just over 6,000 miles. With a little research that is the equivalent of me running from the centre of London to Cape Town in South, what a beautiful destination.


  1. Yes, Cape Town is beautiful! I'm from South Africa but I live in Johannesburg. Easter weekend sees the running of the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town every year. It is one of the biggest and best ultras in the world (56km).

  2. My dream would be to run in South Africa, a friend of mine ran the Two Oceans a few years back and said it was brilliant. I will have to stick with a cold and wet ultras here for time being :-(

  3. Funny to see other people doing the same thing. I like to plot my runs around different places in the world. I had fun running virtually across America, then Europe (visiting cool cities) and so on.