Thursday, 14 October 2010

Drop off

After a long day I finally got home from a training course and attending College to present a 3 hour lecture of my own... so I can best say I was pooped. After a quick shower I wandered into the bedroom to get my PJ's on and stupidly stubbed by toe...OUCH I looked down to see my toenail had come off!! No blood, no sore bits just a toenail dropping off, simple as that.

Inspecting it afterwards showed it was from a previous shedding and now I note that my big toenail is going the same way. Mrs S thinks it is all a little bit "nasty" but it just seems to be residual injuries from the massive build up of mileage during June, July and August this year but I must say my feet look a bit strange with 7 remaining nails.

Make note to self...stop neglecting your feet Jezza

1 comment:

  1. I heard of ultrarunners removing their toes just to avoid situations like that. Seemed a bit extreme to me. Hope it does not hurt too much.