Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The future is bright

First let me say that I totally agree that runners should wear bright clothing at night or at least have some type of torch or reflective strips on their clothing to be seen....but let me have my little gentle ribbing to my friends and fellow runners on my club committee.

It appears that there was a decision from the committee that all runners attending the Winter club nights must wear bright clothing, something I totally condone but I had to have a little laugh when we were informed that fluoro jackets were on sale via the kit manager for the princely sum of £1.50 !!! Now where can you get a fluoro jacket for £1.50 in this day and age?

Then it dawned on me that ALL the committee members bar a couple were wearing sleeveless jackets with ENORMOUS reflective strips on the front and back, ones that workmen [and women] have to wear on builders site. This was confirmed when I was told that they were bought and sold on at cost as "Plumbers wore them on site" So next week I am awaiting the next committee dictat will be that we were hard hats in case the stars fall out of the sky.

It is alright chaps, it is a great idea but I will stick with my windproof fluoro jacket :-)

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