Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hokey Cokey

...or the story of did I actually get a place in the Beachy Head Marathon! As per usual a week before the Beachy Head Marathon in Eastbourne there is a flurry of spare numbers being banded about as people get injured or fall ill.

Offer 1

A message gets left on the club forum

I have a couple of spare places for the Beachy Head Marathon this Saturday.

You have the option to run, jog or walk it.

I am walking it.

Anybody interested?

I write in I was after getting clearance from Mrs S, turn up at the club to get told that the person with the number was a lady walker and it would look strange crossing the finish as a male runner! Offer 1 withdrawn.

Offer 2

I am unwell and therefore throwing the towel in, Jerry do you want it?

I said yes but then I find out later someone had got in there first and got it...ggrrrr. Offer 2 withdrawn

So that is my chances of BHM this year, in out, in out, shake it all about.


  1. Tough luck I suppose. Amazing how some people seem to be online 24/7 reacting to any message or comment within seconds.

  2. You could run the course Jerry (minus race number, and unsupported by checkpoints) but i know it's not really the same as racing proper. mr immune

  3. Certainly could but Mrs S has stepped in now and whilst initially being happy with me to go now has decided that the plastering and woodwork takes precedence.

    I got a text from ultrabobban last night hinting about Founders on Sunday but I will put this weekends down to a lost cause for organised runs and will go out on my own to recce my night run in a few weeks