Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Let me out...

Oh please can someone just LET ME OUT!!!

Firstly I must apologise for my choice of blog piccy today as some of you will notice the formula on the left of the dustboard is incorrect. ;-)

Today has just been a day of being somewhere I just didn't want to be. I am lucky that my normal daily commute guarantees me the same seat, in the same carriage, at the same time every day. I see the same people, I see no crowds (bliss) and turn up at work relaxed and ready for the days' events.

Today uuuurrrghhhh I was packed into a train with other miserable commuters and had took 40 minutes just to travel 1 .5 miles on the Underground to arrive and spend 6 hours trapped in a classroom.

Imagine my joy tonight to get out on the road and run 10 miles with hardly anyone around me, Freedom with a capital F.

Tomorrow I have to do the same but then have to come out of the classroom I am in as a student to then go to College and then hold a class of my own...10.5 hours in a class room and NO RUN

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