Monday, 4 October 2010


Meeting at 9.00 am this morning (Sunday) I was all revved up for a 22 mile pack run with about 8 other runners. Stepping out I felt great and that my recent man flu was behind me and had a great time chatting with the others.

At about mile 8 I began to realise all was not OK in the Jezza Bear camp finding that I was over heating, heart rate was up and my legs just had no energy in them. I chose to carry on but at mile 10 I lost all interest in the run only thinking of the best route back to the car. Every up hill was a horrendous chore and I soon realised I was drinking far more than I normally do.

When we arrived at mile 13 I chose to split from the group and make my way to my car alone some 4 miles away but at least at my pace.

So a totally miserable run and was I even contemplating throwing in the towel for long distance running as I just cannot face the idea of having lost so much fitness in recent weeks.


  1. Sorry you had such a lousy time running. It seems you need to let your body recover from the flu a bit longer. Take care.

  2. Jerry - You are bound to have the odd bad run, stands to reason given the amount of miles you do each year that not all runs will be great. You got a good 17miles in the legs, now rest, re-group, maybe do some shorter pacier stuff, don't worry about this one not so great run and get your mojo (Bobban's word) back and away you go again. mr immune