Thursday, 28 October 2010

No Shit Sherlock!!

I just love is a bit strong, I enjoy reading the various Terms & Conditions or small print on race entry forms. This one made me smile:

You acknowledge and realise that participation in the event is potentially dangerous and that there are numerous risks associated with your participation. Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other drivers, and/or fixed or moving objects, and the negligence of other road users. Further, you fully understand and realise that your participation in the event may result in serious bodily injury and/or death to yourself or others. You further realise and understand that the route of the Event will require running on public roadways upon which the hazards of travelling are to be expected. Further, you realise that participation in the Event will require strenuous physical exertion as participants are required to be active for very long periods of time over several days, including the risk of being active during darkness, inclement weather and in the close proximity of deep water.

So far I think they haven't mentioned the sky falling in, the risk of alien invasion!

I am all for this but I must admit to you that isn't the world coming a ridiculous place where organisers have to get you to sign disclaimers like this in fear that people will sue them if they did run into a road sign, fall into a body of water or bump into a pedestrian whilst undertaking a seriously dangerous sport where the people entering it are automatically certifiable just by toeing the line.

Such is the world we live in but I will love to see the paperwork I will have to fill in if I get insurance that will be a completely different set of paperwork and legalese!!!


  1. And I thought, we Americans were leading the world in such stupidity with instructions for not using hair dryers while bathing and so on.
    At least you have been warned that running is a strenuous activity. Now you know.

  2. I do feel sorry for the organisers whose hands are tied and have to have this level of cover but it is a Catch 22 and it is better ther are safe rather than sorry