Friday, 8 October 2010

On Fire

Woooowww what was going on with me tonight? Thursday night is tempo night.

After umming and arring I finally got my kit on, one minute I couldn't find my shoes then the next my shorts but when I finally got out there, there was no stopping me. The local BIG hill was just a mere inconvenience, I even changed the route from that planned at the top of the hill and decided I was running a set time rather than set distance after that hill. I went through unlit woodland paths, crossed into connecting pathways (trusty headtorch again)

The new target was how far I could run in an hour which soon worked out to be 8 miles or 7:30 min/miles... I could have done better but I had a quick pit stop due to an upset stomach.

I care NOT A JOT I had a great run tonight and now all I need is a controlled long run and Jezza Bear is back on track

1 comment:

  1. Wow! What have you been eating? I mean that made you run so fast, not that made your tummy sick.:)

    Also, wanted to thank you for the poem. I love that one and the timing was perfect too. Thanks again.