Thursday, 14 October 2010

Running Diet

Other runners and friends sometimes lift their eyes to the heavens when I mention my running diary. In this log I record the miles I run, make comments about how I felt during the run and have the chance to note percieved quality and effort, tonight I can justify why it is so useful.

I have noted recently that I have been having a problem with my gut whilst running [read as jumping into a bush and having a dump] and looking over my log have found it always seem to happen on the Thursday or Friday evening after I have lectured at College. So what does College have to do with it I hear you say Dear Reader?

It has occurred to me I have a hot meal on Tuesday night and the next time I have a "proper" meal is Thursday night and between those times I survive on packed lunches or shop bought food (not burgers) body is telling me something, to eat healthily and don't rely on sandwiches all the time.

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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I often go back and look up on what I logged. It shows trends and helps me to run and live smarter.