Saturday, 16 October 2010

Stop Start

Really weird thing happened last night whilst out running that has only happened a couple of times before. As some of you will know I work in the IT industry and also lecture on database technology so I am often seen hammering at a keyboard, scratching my head and get computer programmes to run.

Sometimes the work comes home with me and this time I was dwelling on a conundrum that had been posed that morning, a nice complex problem. Whilst out last night I was deeply in the zone, mind drifting away to this problem, that bit of code here, that variable refers to this. I came aware of some headlights that "brought me too" and I realised that I was walking!!!

"Walking Jezza?" I hear you say, I can only assume that I was so deep in thought that running became secondary to that moment...weird, silly thing is I don't know how long I had been walking but I reckon it was about 50 yards or so...why I don't know.

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