Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sunday's pack run

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's 22 mile pack run which will take us on a circular route across common paths, fields and trails in the Biggin Hill and Orpington areas.

A severe weather warning [read as heavy rain] has just been announced and so tomorrow I will be wearing my Kamleika smock, my windproof jacket and leggings as it is going to get cold during those 3 ½ hours of running.


  1. Our only severe weather warnings are crazy, hot temps. Fall is getting even with us for a nice and pretty cool summer this year.

  2. We were OK for the first part but then the rain and wind came in but was not too bad in the South East of England.
    We had a hot (for the UK) Summer and had to drop out of an ultra event at 32 miles as the heat was really getting to me.