Friday, 22 October 2010

Trip hazards

Back on to my subject of quality sessions I decided to go for run this evening making sure I stuck to roads and pavements for most of the way as it is getting dark out there.

The run was pretty mundane as runs go trudging along the local roads in an attempt to get in some hills at a good pace. I had to take on a particularly tough hill which was between two wooded areas and had no streetlights, so donning my headtorch I started the ascent. I could see through trees headlights approaching and then saw it swing around the bend at speed, travel towards me and then swerve and skid. A lucky miss but they were going way to fast for the conditions and I was possibly the the last thing they were expecting to see dragging my sorry arse up the hill!!

Worst was to come when I entered the outskirts of town and tripped on a tree root protruding out of the pavement, stumble and then manage to right myself. I thought I was OK but then the pain in my big toe returned. Getting back home and taking off my shoe and sock I can see that it is slightly swollen.

I have come to the conclusion that running on the pavements and roads at night is more dangerous than running trail!

1 comment:

  1. Of course it is more dangerous. Nobody expects roots sticking out of the pavement.
    Hope your toe is OK.