Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I seemed to have had my 3 Weetabix today!!! I was informed that monthly "Special Training" was happening at the club tonight which involved a 40 minute Tempo run. Instructions were to run along a set route [read as a straight road] for 20 minutes, turn around and come back at the same pace as fast as you can. I have to admit I was happy with 15 minutes out and back as I had run to the venue and wanted to run back.

The more astute of us realised it started on a steep downhill which means it ends on a steep uphill!! As usual I promised myself a nice easy run and as usual I ignored my promise finding myself elbowing through to hit a pleasing consistent 7:30 min/mile including an aggressive response to the final hill :-)

Good run... things are looking good again


  1. I was not sure what Weetabix is and I had to Google for it. Looks tasty.
    Glad to hear your running is fun again. Easy runs are tough for me too but not because I am so fit. I just can't pace myself.

  2. A great "healthy" breakfast cereal which although bland is best embellished with chopped fruit or mushed up in some warm milk to make a quick and easy porridge. :-p