Saturday, 13 November 2010

Calories on Long Runs

So it finally feels the old Jezza mojo is back which seems to coincide with my successful entry to the GUCR. With this entry there has been real focus this week on my training plan which I have already mentioned is a behemoth of effort.

One thing that I have been thinking about is my calorie intake during long runs and what is my requirement, if any? It looks like these runs will be consistently above 20 miles and as the Sandwich runs start above 24 miles so the question is should I train to these distances with a fixed amount of calories or reduce the calories as the training hits in.

I happily ran with about 400 calories last week for 24 miles but that was because I felt hungry so had a snack of a banana, then a choccy bar and a carb gel (which I definitely want to stop having). Tomorrow I have a banana and two chew bars so want to see how I feel with a lower intake, it is worth an experiment.

Anybody else tried this?


  1. Jerry - Unless you are looking at losing a few KG's i would suggest keeping calories going in as near as output as possible, especially on looonnnggg runs if you are then doing another the next day. Just my two penneth, i am not great at doing it myself though, but do try to. Mr Immune

  2. Mr Immune, I totally agree with you this is partly to do with weight loss if I be totally honest but also trying not to rely on food intake so frequently.
    On the back-to-backs I will definitely be eating my favourite foods. During the latter part of our 23 mile run today I was getting very hungry though so will have to be a little careful as the training distances go up and over 50km