Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Feeling Good

I awoke this morning and just before I stepped out of bed I had that my usual post-event thought of "What is going to hurt today?" I gingerly placed my feet onto the floor and stood up to find that the only things that felt a little uncomfortable were the tendons around my ankles and my inner knees.

This on one hand may sound bad news but I take this as really GOOD news showing that the weeks and months of good, solid mileage is really beginning to pay dividends. Not only did we knock off 25-30 minutes from last years Gatliff time but I can still feel comfortable to run tomorrow, although, as I type snow is settling outside my window.

There is no swelling around my ankles so can put this down to the hard, rugged surface we were travelling across on Sunday....I am very positive now, GUCR here we come.

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