Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Great snow run

I have been allowed to work from home due to the large amount of snow that had fallen last night and during the day today, the depth is about 6 inches in places which for Kent is quite a drop.

My job today was to implement a small application for a project I was doing and to monitor any work that came into my queue and be reactive to such calls but from the looks of it not many people had manged to get to the office. So a quiet one for me....

...and then the call came to say that there was an impromptu run happening and to meet at 2.00pm, who am I to shy away from such a challenge :-)

I took great joy in going for an 8 mile run in the snow with 3 good friends from the club today, 2 going a little faster than I wanted as I still have Gatliff in my legs and the snow was really reminding my ankles that they were still a little sore as they twisted and mashed about in the ruts. My favourite moment was when I called to Liz to tell her that there was a field on virgin snow that NEEDED to be run on and then went onto make a Snow Angel in the snow....the 400 metre dash up and across the field was another matter, it was about 8 inches deep in places and had me panting like an overgrown dog by the top. The next issue was to get out of the field as there was no gate which required Liz and I to clamber over it with the help of Phil and Sabina much to our hoots of delight.

Anyway back home now, all cold and sweaty, who said running was stupid

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